Bikes that you will get within 1 lakh India

Bikes that you will get within 1 lakh India
There are different types of Bikes available in India. In this article, I am going to show you
the best bike under 1 lakh. So, if you are planning to buy a bike, just acquire an idea from
my article and then make a decision.
Hero Splendor Plus – This is one of the popular bikes which common people love to buy.
The price of this bike is also reasonable. As per your location price may vary. On-road
approx. the price will be Rs.65000. It is a 97 cc bike and petrol bike as well.
TVS Apache RTR 160 – This is another popular model in TVs. This is the most selling price
in this brand. The price range within 97500 approx. This is a 159 cc bike and petrol.
Bajaj Pulsar 150 – This is another best bike model which comes 149 cc. This is a petrol bike
Price starting Rs.86000 to within 99,000 approx. So, you will get this bike within 1 lakh.
Hero HF Delux – This is 97cc bike good for common people. If you need high speed, then
this bike is not for you. The price of the bike is also reasonable within 60,000 approx. you
will get this bike.
Honda Activa 5G – This is another best bike in India in 2019. This bike has extraordinary
features and the price of the product within 65000 approx. Choose this bike and enjoy
unlimited. It has a speed of color, features, and a reasonable amount of price as well.
Vespa GTS Super 125 – This is another latest bike which price comes under within 90,000.
You can buy this bike anytime. The speed is fast and it has some exclusive features.
Aprilia bikes – This is another best brand that offers different types of bikes. All the model
comes within 1 lakh easily. Aprilia bikes are super-fast and It has awesome features.
These are the top brands and top bikes that come under within 1 lakh. Now, if you want to
buy second-hand bikes, then you can also get a bike within 50,000. As per bike condition, its
millage, papers, and kilometer run, you can buy second-hand bikes. You may able to buy
good quality second-hand bikes easily. Choose the best top-brand as per your need and
requirement. It’s always better to buy a bike after a complete analysis. You can also try a
free ride before buy. If you need high-speed bikes, then you should try a racing bike or sports
So, in our India, within 1 lakh, you will easily able to buy a brand new bike. If you want to
buy high speed or racing bike, then you have to invest more price on it. Most of the racing
bike has a high price because it has some exclusive features which you can’t get in the above-
stated bikes. Buy a bike and enjoy your ride. A perfect bike helps you to ride perfectly.
Choose the best model and ask for the quote or visit the nearest dealer now!

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